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RD Subsurface Modeling & Engineering

The intelligent use of the underground space opens perspectives and new opportunities to meet a number of challenging requirements of modern society:
(1) Environmentally friendly exploitation of energy resources and storage of energy,
(2) Improving quality of life in urban environments by reducing above ground traffic and providing efficient mobility,
(3) Sustainable deposition of carbon dioxide and (hazardous) waste with minimum environmental impact.

News and Upcoming Events

RD SME Workshop „Subsurface Modeling and Engineering

On April 7th the RD-SME Workshop „Subsurface Modeling and Engineering“ will take place. The workshop starts with two invited presentation:

"Background and status of the In-situ Stimulation and Circulation Experiment"
Dr. Florian Amann (ETH Zürich Switzerland)

"Numerical Methods in Geoenergy Applications"
Prof. Dr. Olaf Kolditz (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research GmbH, Germany)

Afterwards an overview on three existing collaborative research centers within the RD-SME will be given.

Date: 07.04.2016
Time: 10:00
Room: seminar room IC 03/606 (RUB)

see the workshop flyer

2015.11.06: SFB 837 - Workshop Herausforderung Tunnelbau

The use of subsurface structures is one of the key factors in the sustainable development of both industrial and emerging/developing nations. Subsurface transalpine traffic routes, the tendency towards larger diameters, difficult geological conditions and high groundwater pressures pose new challenges to tunneling and excavation technologies.

This year's workshop will feature the following presentations (held in German):
"Tunnel Rastatt - Herausforderungen für den maschinellen Tunnelbau und für modernes Building Information Management"
by Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Grundhoff, Dipl.-Ing. Sascha Klar (ABS/NBS Karlsruhe-Basel - Projekt Tunnel Rastatt, DB Netz AG, Karlsruhe)
"2. S-Bahn Stammstrecke in München - Herausforderungen für den Tunnelbau im schwierigen Umfeld von Bestandsbauwerken in der Innenstadt"
by Dipl.-Ing. Albert Schneller (Großprojekt 2. S-Bahn-Stammstrecke München, DB Netz AG, München)

Date: 06.11.2015
Time: 15:00
Room: Beckmanns Hof (RUB)

Participation is free of charge. Please register HERE.

see Flyer for more details
More information on SFB 837 webpage

2015.07.07: Prof. Meschke has been appointed to the austrian science board

The Council of Ministers of the Austrian Federal Government has decided to appoint Prof. Dr. Günther Meschke, Head of the Institute for Structural Mechanics at Ruhr University Bochum, to be a member of the Austrian Science Board as of 01.01.2016 for six years.

According to the press release of the Austrian Science Board, "Prof. Günther Meschke, as an excellent exponent of modern engineering sciences, enjoys high international reputation. He is an expert for scientific policy, especially for comparing the situation in Austria with other countries."

At the turn of the year 2015/2016, the Austrian Science Board will be faced with far-reaching changes. At that time, the term of the current prominent chairmanship will end, which is very active concerning governmental policy on higher education. After the decision of the Austrian Council of Ministers July 7, 2015, the Austrian Science Board is pleased to announce, that the characteristics of his advisory activity, i.e. independence and scientific substantiality, will be guaranteed also in the future due to the appointment of excellent successors.

The new members of the Austrian Science Board, which have been suggested and nominated by the Austrian Council of Ministers, fulfill all mandatory requirements: high scientific reputation, political independence, long-term experience in science and matters concerning the universities and scientific policy, reliable readiness to contribute to the working groups of the Austrian Science Board.

The Austrian Science Board advises both the Federal Minister and the universities, as well as advising the National Assembly and the regional assemblies about matters concerning the universities and generally on special questions of scientific policy and the arts. Taking into consideration European and international developments, the Science Board observes and analyses the Austrian university system and as well as the related academic systems and prepares recommendations for their further development.

Vienna, July, 7th 2015

2015.07.02-03: Evaluation of The SHynergie-Project

On 2nd July, the SHynergie-project was reviewed by 3 external referees (Mr. Ralph Weidler, Dr. Torsten Tischner, Dr. Gunter Siddiqi) and a representative of the funding agency at Ruhr-University, Bochum. The attendees from the SHynergie-project side included the PI's (Prof. G. Meschke, Prof. W. Friederich, Prof. H. Steeb and Prof. J. Renner) and the PhD-students within the 6 sub-projects. At the beginning Prof. J. Renner gave an introduction on the progress of the project, and during the rest of the day the PhD-students presented their research work and results concurrently followed by questions and discussions. On 3rd July, the meeting was moved to the Hotel Oekey, Bochum. The referees presented the evaluation report and provided also suggestions to the project. The meeting was followed by moderated discussion along a set of questions formulated by members of SHynergie-project.

More information on SHynergie webpage

2015.06.29-30: SFB 837 Status Seminar 2015

On 29th and 30 June, the Annual Status Seminar of SFB 837 "Interaction Modeling in Mechanized Tunneling" took place at the Hotel Burg Schnellenberg in Attendorn. PI's and PhD-students of each subproject reported their current research status, and disscussed the existing and new internal interactions among subprojects as well as external cooperations. In addition, future perspectives, especially detailed research plans of each subproject for next year were explored.

More information on SFB 837 webpage

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